The second phase of the project “Whoever wants to see the rainbow, has to learn to love the rain; paths of resilience” is kicking off this week.

An Erasmus+ Youth Exchange that involves 22 young people from four countries (Greece, Spain, Italy and Palestine) and 4 group leaders.

The exchange builds on a Training Course for youth workers that took place in November 2021. It is an opportunity to meet and know youth from other cultures, as well as to learn from and with each other.
For one week, participants will live together in a simulation of active citizenship at the House Laboratory Il Cerquosino, in the hills surrounding Orvieto (Italy).

The majority of participants come from a vulnerable background and will embark on a journey in which they will explore xenophobia and aporaphobia and the ways to fight them. By getting to know each other, questioning individual and cultural believes, prejudices and stereotypes, they will build connections and learn how to acknowledge and support each other’s needs and emotions.

The concepts of empathy, solidarity, democracy, social justice, and equity underpin the entire project. The educational methodology of active citizenship simulation will bring participants closer to each other in a ‘safe social space’. They will engage in activities that stimulate individual and group reflection, discover real meaning of inclusion, and feel what it means to be citizens with rights and duties.

The Youth Exchange will end with a final performance and will be followed up by another Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in April 2022, with the participation of young people from 1948 Palestinian territories, Kosovo, Montenegro, Transnistria, and Italy.

Il progetto é cofinanziato dal programma Erasmus+ dell’Unione Europea.