We believe in a world where differences are values, inclusion is a daily practice, and nature is a model of harmony.


Artemide Association and its Casa Laboratorio Il Cerquosino are research and innovation spaces where we work towards creating an educating community that promotes intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and respect for the environment.

From over 25 years, at national and international level, we propose non formal educational initiatives that especially engage those living in economic, social and cultural disadvantaged circumstances.

We promote educational journeys to discover self awareness and individual talents; we build networks in which everyone can express and experiment themselves.

We plant seeds of inclusion and build bridges beyond prejudices.

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Associazione Artemide

Casa Laboratorio “IL CERQUOSINO”

Località San Faustino 22, 05018, Orvieto (TR), Italia

Tel: +39 3397256575


VAT: 007735970550

Codice Fiscale: 90007460554 (per donazioni 5×1000)